Who's The Goose?

Ryan Golden is an award winning Motion Designer and longtime video industry professional. Originally from Calhoun, Louisiana, Ryan discovered his passion for video and animation at an early age. Immediately after graduating high school, he started his career in digital media creation as an editor for a nationally broadcast religious television show. This is where he first began to develop his skills as a motion designer.

Since then, Ryan has held positions in various facets of the digital media industry. From working as an on-site video producer at the largest oil refinery in North America to working as a motion designer/producer for the marketing team at the CBS affiliate in Orlando, Fl, Ryan has a wide range of work experience allowing him to carry many different perspectives on media production.

Ryan currently holds the position of “Lead motion Designer/3D Animator” at Launch Media in Baton Rouge, La where he lives with his wife, Aeriann and daughter Evangeline.